Rosemellyn Class: Navy Visit

23rd June 2022
Rosemellyn Class: Navy Visit 

Last week, Rosemellyn class were privileged to receive a visit from two navy communicators. Petty Officer Kate Perry, is a specialist in submarine communication and Leading Hand Karen Grant is a logistics specialist. Karen arranges for everything needed by the navy to be in the right place at the right time, including mail, equipment and even Amazon orders (she described the Amazon orders as the worst part of her job!)

The naval staff, set many team building tasks for the children. They were taught that showing respect and having integrity are vital qualities required for anyone wishing to be part of our armed services.

The first task involved making a warning flare, which was later blasted in to the sky. Next, Year 6 worked in teams to create a tower, that needed to be taller than 1.8 metres, be strong enough to hold 2 satellites and be freestanding.

Karen and Kate were so inspiring; the children thoroughly enjoyed their visit.