Our Topic for autumn term is...
To The Stars!
There are many useful online resources with information relevant to our topic. Try these for starters!

Pupils will be exploring beyond the Earth and consider where and how it fits into the solar system. They will also consider our moon, the sun and will explore the phases of the moon and seasons.

Key questions that will be explored include:

  • How does day turn into night and night into day?
  • Why does the moon sometimes look different?
  • Why and how do shadows change?
  • What planets are in our solar system?
  • How are they different to our planet and each other?

As part of this Unit, pupils will also go on an imaginary journey into space in literacy, keeping a log of their journey and using audio and video clips to support the development of ideas and imaginations.

Year 5 children in Drinnick are taught by Mr Barritt. Mrs Williams is on hand to provide general TA support and class cover on a Tuesday. Drinnick children also have Mrs Trula on a Monday afternoon for their Spanish lessons.  


Any Questions for Mr Barritt

If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please come in and see Mr Barritt so that they can be resolved. Alternatively, you can email secretary@nanpean.cornwall.sch.uk and Mr Barritt will do his best to assist you. Please feel free to give feedback on your child's experience in Drinnick Class as all feedback is appreciated and goes toward the positive development of Nanpean School.