Our topic for the Spring term is:

Fortune & Theatre, Fever & Fire: London in the 1600's

Our topic will look at London throughout the 1600's. We will begin at the turn of the century during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I as England became a true super power in world politics of the time. We will also study the life and works of the celebrity of the time; William Shakespeare. This will be linked closely to our participation in the Brannel cluster performance of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. After half term we will fast forward to the 1660's and explore a turbulent period in the capital's history that included the Great Plague and the Great Fire.

Year 5 children in Drinnick are taught by Mr Tonkin. Mrs Kitts is on hand to provide general TA support. Drinnick children also have Mrs Trula on a Monday afternoon for their Spanish lessons.  


Any Questions for Mr Tonkin

If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please come in and see Mr Tonkin so that they can be resolved. Alternatively, you can email secretary@nanpean.cornwall.sch.uk and Mr Tonkin will do his best to assist you. Please feel free to give feedback on your child's experience in Drinnick Class as all feedback is appreciated and goes toward the positive development of Nanpean School.