Our Topic for Spring term is...
Fire on Film
There are many useful online resources with information relevant to our topic. Try these for starters!


During this topic, pupils will take part in the production of a short film, based around the events of the Great Fire of  London. They will learn all the background events and timeline leading up to the Great Fire whilst being involved in all apsects of making the film, from storyboarding, set designing and filming and editing.


We will be using the iPads to create our film and specifically, the app iMovie. iMovie or other operating system apps are commonly used now throughout areas of the curriculum and at secondary school. If your child has access to a tablet, PC or even phone at home, they will be easily able to create their own short films which we  could show in class alongside our topic work.

We would encourage and recommend adult supervision and support whilst using the app from home and also discussions around e-safety. There are links to e safety resources on the school website.
If you would like to download and use iMovie with your child, there is a user guide here.


Year 5 children in Drinnick are taught by Mr Barritt. Mrs Williams is on hand to provide general TA support and class cover on a Tuesday. Drinnick children also have Mrs Trula on a Monday afternoon for their Spanish lessons.  


Any Questions for Mr Barritt

If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please come in and see Mr Barritt so that they can be resolved. Alternatively, you can email secretary@nanpean.cornwall.sch.uk and Mr Barritt will do his best to assist you. Please feel free to give feedback on your child's experience in Drinnick Class as all feedback is appreciated and goes toward the positive development of Nanpean School.