Landscapers of the future

23rd January 2023

On Mondays after school, a group of children from Years 3, 5 and 6 come together to explore the skills a Landscaper might need to use. The children have looked at sketches created by landscapers and had a go at creating their own using ideas for an area of land outside Years 2 & 3. This isn't their only project.


This week, we ventured over to the cemetery and met up with Simon, who works for the Parish Council and is responsible for maintaining the village cemetery. He kindly showed us around the area, shared some of the equipment and tools he uses and talked us through areas of land that we could help with.


In the coming weeks the group will get involved with planting trees, wildflower bulbs and keeping the area tidy by helping remove any weeds. Simon also has some very special, commemorative trees that he would like us to plant, and we'll share photographs in a future newsletter. In the meantime, here's some thoughts from some of our club members:


Mia, Year 6: 'I'm looking forward to planting the spring bulbs.'

Sophia, Year 6: 'I enjoyed learning about the different types of plants and trees.'

Corey, Year 5: 'I enjoyed looking at the machinery.'

Halle, Year 3: 'I really liked seeing the monkey tree.'

Joel, Year 3: 'I can't wait to plant some trees.'