Nanpean School's Admission Arrangements 2022/23:


Year Group ​PAN (Maximum Number of Children for the Year Group) ​NOR (Number On Roll)
Reception ​30 20
Year ​1 ​30 15
​Year 2 ​30 22
​Year 3 ​30 19
​Year 4 ​30 18
​Year 5 ​30 29
​Year 6 ​30 30
​Total 210  
    ​Total NOR
Nanpean School's Admission Policy

Click on the link below for information regarding Nanpean School's admission arrangements.
Admissions to Reception 2023

If you have a child born between 1st September 2019 and 31st August 2020, you will need to apply for a school place for September 2024. Cornwall Council will start taking applications from 6th September 2023 and the deadline is 15th January 2024.

Cornwall Council is responsible for the allocation of reception places for Nanpean School. Should you wish your child to attend our school you must contact Cornwall Council and make an application via County Hall. The admissions team at County Hall will be willing to help you, they can be contacted on 0300 1234 101 or you can click on the link below to go to Cornwall Council's website.
Cornwall Council School Admissions Page.
At Nanpean School, we understand that the choice of which school to send your child to is an extremely important decision. As a result, we have created the following images and information to help you decide if Nanpean School is right for you and your child. We are an extremely supportive and caring school and would love to welcome any new children to our school at any time. For further information, please contact Nanpean School on the numbers / e-mail addresses given in our Contact section. 

The majority of Reception aged children who join Nanpean School come to us from Nanpean Nippers, our on site Preschool, and so the majority of our transition arrangements are made with Nanpean Nippers. Nanpean Nippers provide care for ages 2yrs and up and also provide wraparound care before and after school. If you are looking for a preschool or before/after school care provider for your child, you would need to contact Nanpean Nippers directly. Click here to go to their website for more information. Due to the importance of a smooth transition from preschool to reception for each child, each child is invited to attend our transition events once reception places are allocated, irrespective of which preschool your child attends or if they don't attend one at all.
'In Year' Admissions to Nanpean School

'In-Year’ refers to applications made to change schools during the school year rather than at the standard points of entry: Reception or Primary to Secondary.

Cornwall Council is responsible for coordinating the In-Year Admissions process for ALL schools in Cornwall, including Academies and Free Schools - all applications must therefore be made to Cornwall Council's School Admissions Team. For further information and advice on applying for an in-year transfer, please click on the link below.
Cornwall Council's Admission Page for In-Year Transfers.

Admissions from Nanpean School to Secondary School

If your child was born between 01 September 2012 and 31 August 2013, you will need to apply for a place in year seven in a secondary school for September 2024.

The applciation system will open on 6th September and deadline for applications is 31st October 2023.

Cornwall Council's page for Secondary Applications

Being located in St Stephen in Brannel Parish, Nanpean School is a feeder primary school for Brannel School. The Head teacher of Brannel and of each of the Cluster heads devise an extensive transition programme for year 5 and 6 children to ensure that each child is more comfortable moving on to a new school. This includes fun taster days, open events and a disco for year 4 and 5 children attending cluster schools.

Admissions Appeals

In accordance with the Admissions Code 2012, you have the right to appeal if you have been refused a place at Nanpean School. When you are refused a place, you will be sent details of how to appeal if you wish to and the deadlines and relevant timescales for this process.