Our Aims and Values

Nurturing Children's Passion to Succeed
Our Aims and Values
The school aims that all children:
  • Are independent learners
  • Are confident, adaptable and well-balanced
  • Value diversity and respect differences
  • Understand their responsibility to others
  • Are motivated and self- disciplined

The objectives of the school are:
  • To establish high expectations and a success culture
  • To develop a learning community
  • To establish professional debate and discussion amongst the staff
  • To build leadership and management skills in all the staff
  • To ensure there is a learning climate in every classroom
  • To create and maintain a physical environment that promotes and reinforces the value, safety and inclusion of all individuals
  • To ensure continual involvement of the whole school community
  • To develop through nurturing the social, emotional well-being of all learners
Vision Statement
This is our school:
  • A place where every child feels safe
  • A place where every person is valued and respected
  • A place where all efforts and achievements are celebrated
  • A place where we encourage everyone to make healthy life choices
  • A place where everyone is encouraged to make a positive contribution
  • A place where we uphold co-operative values.

​We follow RTime Rules throughout the school:
  • To show good manners at all times.
  • To care for everyone and everything.
  • To follow instructions with thought and care.