We believe homework consolidates and reinforces skills and understanding in Maths, English and other curriculum areas, helps raise the level of achievement of individual pupils, provides opportunities for parents and children to work together and, thereby, fosters an effective partnership between home and school. We value the support of parents/carers and we believe that our policy will be successful if there is a strong partnership between home and school which is reflected in the Home and School Agreement. 

We recognise that all children need leisure time and hope that our policy reflects a balance so children can extend and consolidate their learning with parental support while still allowing free time. Playtime and family time are incredibly important. We believe that our pupils should have the time to engage in conversations, help with family responsibilities and to enjoy doing activities together. It is important that there is a balance of school assigned homework and family time. See suggested activities below to do as a family:


  • To ensure that parents/carers are clear about what their child is expected to do.
  • To ensure consistency of approach throughout the school.
  • To use homework as a tool to help continue to raise standards of attainment.
  • To improve the quality of the learning experience offered to pupils and to extend it beyond the classroom environment.
  • To provide opportunities for parents, children and the school to work together in partnership in relation to children's learning.
  • To encourage pupils and their parents to share and enjoy learning experiences.
  • To reinforce work covered in class by providing further opportunities for individual learning.
  • To practise or consolidate basic skills and knowledge, especially in Maths and English.
  • To encourage children to develop the responsibility, confidence and self-discipline needed to study independently.
  • To prepare Year 6 pupils for the transfer to secondary school.

Homework is sent home by class teachers on a weekly basis and as a school we feel this is a sufficient amount. However, if you would like extra things to practise, please see the links on this page.