Pupil Voice and British Values

Pupil Voice and British Values 
At Nanpean School, we recognise that pupil voice is paramount and in addressing this, our School Council has strived hard to ensure all children's ideas are valued and listened to. Therefore, we are excited to announce that Nanpean School are to become part of the Worldwide Organisation, Smart School Councils Community. This model, provides easy access to digital tools-saving on paper so Eco friendlier-to involve every pupil, from Reception class to year 6, in decision-making, social action and developing skills for life. Rather than having a small committee of pupils to drive pupil voice onwards, every Nanpean pupil, will be expected to contribute to the work of the Smart School Council. So after the initial digital set-up, Smart School Council will be 100% child led, which promotes independence and resilience.
The School Council represents the voice of our pupils and uses this opportunity to campaign for what our pupils want. As a school, the children get a say in some key aspects of the school's development as we open changes to our school to voting. This has included voting on our class names: Prosper, Rosemellyn and Karslake, and getting the deciding vote on our school motto: Nurturing Children's Passion to Succeed. 
Previously, the School Council have had annual visits to St. Stephen in Brannel Parish Council to learn more about the history of the Parish Council and the important work that it does on behalf of our community. They also got the opportunity to learn more about how a Council meeting is run and compare their roles in the School Council to the Councillors on the Parish Council.
Our School Council were also successful in achieveing the Promoting Active Democracy Loudly (PADL) Award in 2018. 
John Nash, the schools minister, said in a statement: “We want every school to promote the basic British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs".
Every other year, our year 5 and 6 children have the opportunity of visiting London and an integral part of this visit is a tour around the Houses of Parliament and a visit with our MP if he is in London at the time. This gives our pupils the opportunity to learn about the role the Government plays in our daily life, the importance of democracy and voting, and law-making. November 2018's visit included an interactive workshop where the children will have the chance to make their own law!!

The rule of law and mutual respect if promoted within the school through the school's behaviour agreement and fundamental Rtime (golden) rules: to show good manners at all times, the care for everyone and everything, and to follow instructions with thought and care. Our school's aims and objectives, which can be found in more detail by clicking here, link with our Trust's values and advocates valuing diversity, being inclusive and respecting differences. We expect all our pupils and staff to be excellent examples of, and leaders in, demonstrating these values.

British Values are promoted during our Monday collective worship assemblies, where a global news issue is shared and discussed weekly. This can include differences in cultures, faiths and beliefs and children are encouraged to consider issues from the perspective of others. As part of our development of the RRS Award, we will be linking these gatherings with promoting the rights of the child. We also have a rolling programme focused on Protective Behaviours, where pupils explore and understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours in relation to their right to feel safe all of the time. This programme also encourages pupils to take responsibility for their own feelings and respect those of others. More information on our Protective Behaviours programme can be found below: Protective Behaviours. British Values are also promoted through our PSHE and RE programmes.