Feedback from Parents

Notes from Parents' Forums
September 2020 Update: 
Due to the recent pandemic, Parent Forum meetings are cancelled for this term. As always, feedback on your child's experience at Nanpean School is appreciated and goes toward the positive development of Nanpean School. Please continue to communicate with us using the email addresses below. As well as this, you are welcome to make contact with class teachers. 
Mr M. Nicholls - Headteacher 
Mrs S.Houston - Office Administrator 
Throughout the School year, we offer parents a number of opportunities to give us feedback and suggestions with a view to improving the school. These include a suggestion box in the reception area, monthly Parent Forums​, parent questionnaires following each Parent's Evening and when reports are sent home and whenever the school invites parents in to take part in one of our Open Afternoons. All feedback that we receive from Parents is collated into a report and used to help move the school forward. You can read these reports and notes from Parent Forums here:
Feedback from Parents Evening/ Reports Questionnaires