At Nanpean School we embrace the idea that Music is a universal language: it is a powerful and very unique way of communicating, that can change the way that pupils feel, think and act.

Music is a medium that brings together intellect and feeling and it enables expression, reflection and emotional development on a personal level.

Music is an integral part of both past and present cultures. Through Music education at Nanpean school, pupils can link home, school and the wider world, appreciating both similarities and difference in cultures and eras.

The teaching of Music develops pupils’ ability to listen to, appreciate and evaluate a wide variety of musical styles, using appropriate subject specific vocabulary. It also encourages active involvement in music making, both individual and communal, on tuned and untuned instruments, which in turn creates a sense of group identity and togetherness and lays important foundations for specific learning of an instrument, should this be the path a pupil wishes to take.

To aid a child’s aspiration to further their musical attainment, individual music tuition is offered through Cornwall Music Trust, and links are made with Brannel School and their Music outreach programme. We also take advantage of First Access funding to give our pupils an insight into guitar, recorder, and hopefully in the future, saxophone tuition. This also helps to foster community links. Children are also given the chance to take part in other wider community events such as ‘Songfest’ each year to share their enjoyment of singing with children from other Cornish schools.

At Nanpean, although Music is used across the curriculum to enhance other subjects, we follow the schemes of work in the Charanga Music programme. This ensures knowledge and skill development, relating to our Skills and Knowledge Organiser documents, are built on sequentially from Foundation Stage to Year 6.