Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)
Nanpean Primary School is a fully inclusive school where the achievements and successes of all children are nurtured and celebrated.

Children’s wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do and the key to raising confident, independent children who are proud to belong to our community and have a sense of purpose in the world. We welcome all children to our school and encourage them to work to the very best of their ability. Our keen and hardworking staff cater for all the children in their class and offer an extensive range of stimulating experiences to ensure that every child has access to an inspirational education.

We have a ‘whole school approach’ to special educational needs and our staff are committed to identifying and providing for the needs of all the children in the school. We are passionate about the early identification of children’s special educational needs; provision mapping is used to ensure additional interventions are implemented for pupils of all abilities. All children are included in everything we do at their own level. Throughout their time at Nanpean Primary School children may receive varying levels of support according to their changing needs and circumstances. The information in this section of the website is a guide to the ‘typical’ levels of provision we offer.

At Nanpean School we aim for all children:
  • To be independent learners
  • To be confident, adaptable and well-balanced
  • To value diversity and respect differences
  • To understand their responsibility to others
  • To be motivated and self-disciplined
Our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo) is Miss Sarah Morrison.
Miss Morrison can be contacted at the school on 01726 822447 or via email: smorrison@nanpean.cornwall.sch.uk.
Admission Arrangements for Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCp)

All requests for a change of school during the school year (‘in-year’ admissions) and all requests for entry into school at the normal point of entry (starting in the reception year, transferring from infant to junior or transferring from primary to secondary school) for children with an EHCp will be handled by the SEN Assessment and Provision Team. Parents/ carers of children with an EHCp do not need to complete an application form as a school place will be identified through a separate process. Parents/ carers will be able to discuss the educational options with a member of the SEN Team to facilitate an informed decision regarding their preferred school.

However, if a request had been made for an EHC needs assessment for your child, or your child is currently being assessed to decide whether an EHC Plan is necessary, you will need to make an application using the normal process (detailed in ‘Applying for a Place’ above).

Please contact the SEN Assessment and Provision Team for more information;

            Tel: 01872 324242

            Email: statutorysen@cornwall.gov.uk

Further information regarding the process for SEN admissions can be found in the Local Authority’s Local Offer: www.supportincornwall.org.uk.

We strongly believe that it is important for parents to understand what Cornwall and Nanpean School has to offer children with SEND and with this in mind we have brought together some very important sources of information for you. Please see the drop down menu for our school offer, Cornwall's local offer and some very informative websites.

Nanpean School is fully accessible.
At Nanpean School, we realise that some children will need adaptations made for them to access the curriculum. As a result, we have compiled various strategies that could be used as adaptations for children.
Following this, we have also completed (on the template shown below) a document for each SEND child with adaptations that are relevant to supporting their needs.