Week 3: "Bonny Bonnie"

25th September 2020

Most of you will have already noticed our new/regular visitor to Drinnick class and around the school, but we wanted to give her a proper introduction. Meet “Bonnie” our Yorkie Poo cross Westie Poo. Bonnie was Mrs Jago’s Nan's dog and she now lives with Nan’s daughter (Mr Jago’s Mum).

She has been very well behaved during her visits, but this is mainly due to the respectful, kind nature of all the children she has met. Mr Nicholls has kindly agreed to let her visit on a regular basis which she is very excited about, so you may see a lot more of her now. If you have any questions/concerns please get in touch.

Animals often bring a calm atmosphere and can be especially soothing in times of stress. The positive response between the children & Bonnie has been very noticeable.

We hope that you will agree that having a dog around the school again is really special for our Nanpean children. We feel very lucky to have her and would like to say a big thank you to her owners.