The Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge 2023-2024

At Nanpean School we believe it is important to make sure our pupils are confident, fluent readers who enjoy reading for life! Reading enjoyment is so important because evidence suggests that it has a positive impact on educational performance. Due to the previous successes of our ‘Reading Challenges’, we will be continuing to reward reading with books!

Our homework policy states that children are expected to engage with a reading activity five times a week. There are 42 weeks in our ‘Reading Challenge’. Therefore, if a pupil reads the expected amount of times every week, they will reach 210 points. We feel that this achievement is worthy of being invited to the end of school year ‘Alice in wonderland Tea Party’.

However, we want to continue to recognise the hard work and achievements of the pupils who go above and beyond what is expected. Therefore, the pupils who reach the fourth prize point will also receive a £5 book voucher in addition to the invitation to the 'Chocolate Factory' invitation. Children can earn this top prize by engaging in a reading activity every day at home or, for KS2, passing Accelerated Reader Quizzes. Due to the lower amount of points needed this year, children will earn 1 point for passing a quiz or 2 points for getting 100%.

How will it work?

Pupils will earn points for reading activities at home. Only 1 point will be counted for each day (maximum of 7 points a week). A change this year is that we expect all children (regardless of year group or key stage) to engage in a reading activity at home at least 5 times a week.

What counts as a reading activity?

At Nanpean School, we recognise that reading  enjoyment is developed through doing more than just reading a school reading book. Our pupils enjoy reading their own books or reading on a Kindle or even having a story read to them! All of these activities help our pupils to develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures. Because of this, all pupils at our school will have a library book as well as their school reading book to enjoy at home.

  • Read something electronically e.g. computer game, Kindle etc. 
  • Read a non-fiction text e.g. recipe, instrcutions etc. 
  • Have someone read to you.
  • Read a comic or magazine.
  • Read anything in a place you have never read before.
  • Read your school book.  


70 points: Certificate

140 points: Bookmark

210 points: Choose a book from the school box and receive an invitation to the 'Chocolate Factory'.

280 points: Receive an invitation to the 'Chocolate Factory' and a £5 voucher to spend ona book of own choice.