Remote (Home Learning) 2021

Remote Learning 2021

In this unprecedented time, we have put together this ‘map’ of home learning for parents and pupils to use together in the event of your child not being able to attend school due to the need to self-isolate. We have tried to take into account the flexibility that will be required with a home-learning timetable and to acknowledge that you as parents, may be having to work from home whilst also supervising your child’s learning. We hope that this map provides a balance between the importance of your child continuing to access learning at home, but also considerate of their and your well-being in the current situation.

This map provides a ‘menu’ of learning activities that you can choose from in order to provide valuable learning experiences for your child whilst they are at home. They are, in the most part, activities that can be completed in any particular order and will not require you to ‘teach’ you children new skills but support them in their understanding of learning they have already encountered in school. Use the suggested timetable to help you select the learning activities on this map and again, adjust this as needed to suit your circumstances.

Alongside this map and the suggested activities and resources (which can be used for children in any year group), in the event that a whole class needs to close, your child’s class teacher may also assign work such as lessons from Oak National Academy via Class Dojo or Tapestry. If there are any technical issues regarding work set via Dojo or Tapestry, please use the activities on this sheet in the interim.

As you would expect, many of the learning resources that we have suggested are online. All of the website addresses for suggested activities can be found on the reverse of this map. Online resources are hugely useful for home learning as they can be accessed flexibly and often far more independently than paper tasks and of course, save paper and reduce school costs. However, if you are unable to access online resources please make us aware of this as soon as home learning is necessary for your child and we will provide paper based activities.