Melbur Class: Tree Planting

25th January 2022
Melbur Class: Tree Planting
Year 4 had great afternoon planting trees followed by a walk up St Stephen's Beacon. They ate biscuits, got muddy and left the area with around 80 more trees than it had when they arrived.

We went to St Stephens Beacon to plant trees because we were trying to help the environment.

[Fun Fact] They provide oxygen which turns into carbon dioxide which helps us breath.

A baby tree is a sapling. To protect the tree, there is tree guard which protects it from herbivores (that means they only eat plants). It has a little hook which swirls up to the top.

Since the saplings are really small, you’re probably wondering how the guard stays up! Well, there’s a bamboo stick that holds the tree as well as the guard. The guard is a spiral because as the tree grows, the spiral will expand until the tree is too big for the guard.

[Fun Fact] There are types of trees that provide food like apple trees and orange trees and loads more.

We set off to plant trees! We were in groups of 5 and we planted 7 trees each. Altogether we planted around 80 trees! Also, we found 6 worms and 2 frogs and saved them! After planting, we also went hiking and we were 2 meters away from cows in their pen! When we were hiking, there was a lot of sticky mud and on the way down, Ri nearly lost her shoe but she managed to hop to safety. We went up a mountain called the Beacon.

[Fun Fact] There are a few of different types of trees called Oak, Birch, Spruce and Jungle Wood and we saw loads of birds trying to nest in the trees.

By Ruby & Lyra