Collaborative Working: The Trust and Cluster

The Brannel Cluster

The Brannel Cluster of Schools is a group of schools made up of one Secondary and its main feeder Primaries who serve children and the communities who live in what is known as 'The Clay' in central Cornwall.

Our ambition in working together is to provide a consistent, exciting and rewarding experience of education in the area from Early Years through to Post-16. We collaborate closely in the three main areas of School Improvement, Aspiration and Community. In recent years, the Cluster has worked increasingly closely to plan a number of events and activities for its children, such as a Cluster disco, Bake Off event, Clays Gorsedh: an arts and literacy festival, and numerous transition events.

Headteachers from the schools meet to plan events and coordinate collaborative opportunities.

The Mid-Cornwall Co-operative Learning Trust

Nanpean School is part of the Mid-Cornwall Co-operative Learning Trust.

The Co-operative School Trust model enables schools to set themselves up as co-operatives, following co-operative values and principles. In the tradition of their founders, co-operative members believe in ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others. The ethos of the existing Brannel cluster and that of the consulting schools aligns very well with co-operative values and the principles of the co-operative movement:

Our Co-operative Values

Self-help: To encourage all within the organisation to help each other, by working together to gain mutual benefits. To help people help themselves.

Self-responsibility: To take responsibility for, and answer to, our actions.

Democracy: To give our stakeholders a say in the way we run our school.

Equality: Equal rights and benefits according to their contribution.

Equity: To be fair and unbiased.

Solidarity: To support each other and those in other co-operatives.

The Trust will ensure that all decisions are informed, considered and morally right, tested on every occasion against the "co-operative values."