September 2020 Update
Due to the current guidelines, it will not be possible to run after-school or extra-curricular activities, such as after school clubs, during the Autumn Term, and until guidance allows this again. We usually have a vast array of ‘clubs’ available to children but will be unable to offer these at this time. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. 
There is a limit to how many places there are in each club and places are given on a first come, first serve basis. If your child does not get into a club, a letter will be sent home informing you of this. If you do not receive a letter, you can assume that your child has got into all the clubs they requested. If a club is too oversubscribed, it may be that the children will be divided into term 1 and term 2, again, a letter will be sent home advising you of this.

Please try to ensure that children attend regularly and let the person who is running the club know if they are unable to attend. If children miss three consecutive weeks for no good reason they are automatically removed from the club.

Can I remind you clubs are a privilege not a right. Children who are not sensible at the club or behave badly during the school day will not be allowed to attend.
Clubs Timetable
Spring Term TBC