Week 5: Year 1 Bake Off! Year 4 Science Results!

6th October 2020
Year 4 Shelters:  Science Update
Melbur class have been enjoying our outdoor forest school area.  Last week, they built their own shelters in the hope to protect their paper adventurers from the elements.
We've had a lot of rain this last week so they went up to to check if their adventurers had survived.  Three shelters kept their adventurers bone dry, some were a little weathered and some had disappeared completely!  We think they may have been eaten by an unknown animal...maybe even a bear?  They mystery remains as our adventurers are currently missing in action!
Move Over Bake Off!
Hendra class are exploring instructions and writing their own:
"We followed instructions to make our own delicious bread rolls which looked scrumptious and delicious! We then wrote our instructions and evaluated how the bread tasted to see how they could be even better next time. We are going to continue investigating instruction writing texts this term, making bird feeders to place during our outside learning."