So you want to be..... An Archaeologist

9th November 2016
'So you want to be.... An Archaeologist'
As part of our Cluster Aspiration work, some budding archaeologists, palaeontologists and historians visited Brannel School on Wednesday 9th and Wednesday 16th November to take part in the 'So you want to be..... An Archaeologist' workshop.
In the first session, the children participated in a dinosaur related workshop; digging for fossils and analysing dinosaur bones. The second session had a bronze age focus. An archaeologist from Exeter University visited the students and brought a (replica) bronze age sword with him! As well as looking at some artefacts, the children had a question and answer session with the archaeologist and found out some very interesting facts about archaeologists and history.  
The children all had a fantastic time and have been inspired to work hard to achieve their ambitions.
Thank you to Brannel School for hosting such aspirational workshops.


"On the first week of archaeology we did 3 activities: number 1 was we could dig up fossils and dinosaur teeth; number 2 we would touch and feel dinosaur bones and fossils; and, number 3 we did a quiz on iPads about dinosaurs.
And that week was called Palaeontology week.
For the second week, we could ask questions to an archaeologist; like what is his most favourite thing about being an archaeologist? And we could touch things that belonged to the romans and 1 thing was about 150,000 years old." - Tressa Blackwell
"The first week we went to Brannel School to do a workshop. We did a quiz about dinosaurs for half an hour then we did a dig for fossils - a shark tooth, turtle poo, a mammoth tooth and lots more. Then we saw Mrs Lane and her fossils: we saw a seawoodlouse.
Second week, we worked on Archaeology. This man came down from the University of Exeter to talk about Archaeology and about the bronze age. He came in with a bronze sword, which was a replica, and a smashed Roman cauldron." - Lewis Screech
"On the very first week of 'I want to Archaeologist' we tried three activities. The first activity I did was looking at fossils. The second activity was a quiz all about dinosaurs. Then a dig. Palaeontology is fun: Try it! 
The second week, we became Archaeologists. A real Archaeologist came in and showed us some old items that were used and a replica of a sword. It was real fun, I wish I could go again." - Cody Lee 
"The Archaeologist day was inspirational and encouraged me to achieve. I can't explain how much this has helped me. I have heard about what different archaeologists do, and am extremely surprised at the range of different types" - Jessica Whitford