Physical Education

Physical Education
Physical Education (PE) at Nanpean School gives children the knowledge and understanding in order to become competent, confident and motivated in PE for the rest of their life. The curriculum is planned progressively to allow children to build on and develop previously learnt skills and to enhance these further, whilst providing them with a strong platform to continue their PE studies at the next stage of their education. A variety of sports are taught as well as healthy eating, nutrition and wellbeing sessions via our wider curriculum. We believe that nothing should be a barrier to physical education with all activities having the capacity to be adapted and made fully inclusive.

Outside of timetabled PE lessons, there are frequent times during the week where children are physically active, including active lessons, outdoor learning, break times and lunchtimes and after school clubs. Our outdoor environment provides an excellent space for children to practice their sporting skills and foster a love of being active. 

Specialist sports coaches and local clubs work with staff and children at Nanpean to provide opportunities and ensure teaching is high quality and of value. These links with local clubs and organisations also ensures our PE and Sport offer is deeply rooted within our local community.

Children have opportunities to attend PE events throughout the year and represent Nanpean at sporting competitions. Our School takes a leading role (our Headteacher Mr Nicholls and PE Leader Mr Tonkin) in organising cluster-wide events and we also occasionally host opportunities for gifted and talented children. 

Children’s successes in Physical Education and Sport both inside and outside of school are celebrated during our Achievement Assembly and rewarded using our Sports Star of Week award and Class Dojo Points, whilst successes are shared on our school’s social media platforms.

Our PE curriculum also places an importance on promoting resilience, teamwork, sportsmanship and a desire to always achieve your best. These transferrable skills are pertinent to almost every possible profession and stand our pupils in good stead to achieve an aspirational career.