Outdoor Learning Snapshots

4th November 2020
Here are some snapshots from Year 5's Outdoor Learning sessions.  We have enjoyed the teamwork challenges that make us laugh the most.  
We have also played an excellent Maths game, but Year 5 were too good at hiding for us to gain photos!
Select your "seekers" and assign them a number.  Their job is to seek out the factors of their numbers.
Select your "factor hiders" and assign each hider a number that is a factor of one of the seekers.  
Factor hiders, go and hide.  If a seeker finds you, then you must reveal your number.  If you are a factor of the seeker, then you must join them in search of the other factor hiders for your team.  If you are not a factor of the seeker, then you remain hidden.
Example Game
> Seeker is assigned number 21. 
Seeker 21 must find the following numbers: 1, 3, 7 and 21.  This is because the factors of 21 come from: 1 x 21 and 3 x 7.  

>There will be 4 "factor hiders" for the seeker 21 to find. 
Select the 4 factor hiders and give each one a different number: 1, 3, 7 and 21. 
> Select another seeker and assign them with the number 23. 
> Assign two more factor hiders giving them the numbers 1 and 23 (because 23 is a prime number, it only has 1 x 23).
Seeker 21 and Seeker 23 must only find their own factors.  You can up the challenge by only assigning one factor hider with the number 1.  This would create a race to find that factor hider because you cannot complete your team without them!
Why not have a go at home?  Hide and seek combined with learning tables facts!