National Poetry Day

At Nanpean School, we have been enjoying three weeks of Poetry in our reading and writing lessons to link in with national Poetry Day. Below are examples of the poetry we enjoyed learning about:
Year 6
Rosemellyn Class has been learning about Ottava Rima and Iambic Pentameter poetry. 
Year 5
Drinnick class has been learning about Senryu and Renga poetry. 
Year 4
Melbur class has been learning about Kenning and Tetractys poetry. 
Year 3
Karslake class has been learning about Clerihew and Limerick poetry.
Year 2
Prosper class learnt the poem 'Harvest Time is Here Again' by Anita Killick.
Year 1
Hendra class learnt the poem 'Rhythm of Life' by Michael Rosen. 
Year R 
Eden class learnt the poem 'Nut Tree' by Julia Donaldson.