Nanpean’s Curriculum

Nanpean Primary School Curriculum Statement

At Nanpean School, we believe that our children have the right to flourish, recognise their own greatness and develop as individuals. Our school fosters independence and resilience through ‘Nurturing Children’s Passion to Succeed’. 

We are currently in the process of developing our curriculum. This is an important process and we do not want to rush it, as it will require a lot of thought and care.  We are creating progression maps for knowledge, vocabulary and skills for each year group in every subject. 


Our curriculum intent is broad and balanced taking into account a need to prepare our children for their educational journey; building children’s aspirations demonstrating possibilities for their future lives. Every child is recognised as a unique individual. Our curriculum therefore gives pupils an excellent mix of academic and personal development; physical and mental wellbeing are both valued. The ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values. 

  • Provides challenge for all
  • Supports and scaffolds learning
  • Encourages a passion to learn
  • Develops learning behaviours


Our curriculum balances national expectations with allowing the curriculum to adapt to the context of our school and children’s needs. Acquisition of knowledge and development of skills are combined to create a purposeful and exciting learning journey for our pupils.

Foundation Subjects

Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum through ensuring that the National Curriculum is delivered through rich, imaginative and cross-curricular learning that will inspire children. We also ensure opportunities to link our learning to our local area and heritage. All topics begin with a launch to introduce the topic and engage the children in their learning. At the end, the children have a finale to their topic to celebrate what they have learnt. Our class letters and topic overviews provide further details.


How we know our curriculum has been successful:

  • School data outcomes - children progressing from their school starting points.
  • Teacher assessment – formative – through ongoing questioning and feedback. Summative – independent writing and NFER test results.
  • Pupil Voice – children talk with passion during pupil conferencing about their learning experiences and feel they are listened to.
  • Parental Feedback – parents are positive about their children’s experiences in school and feel that their children make good progress at Nanpean School.
  • Quality Assurance – monitoring opportunities within our school show that children know what they can do well and what they need to do to progress further. All groups of learners are supported and challenged appropriately.
  • Positive Attitudes to Learning – our children are engaged and inspired by their learning and demonstrate a resilient attitude through working in a safe and challenging environment. This is seen in the daily interaction of all members of our community, including staff and children.

Most importantly, we want to instil a love learning in an environment where children feel safe, celebrate learning achievements and recognised their personal growth. The impact of what we do and what the children have achieved cannot always be measured in data sets. Therefore, we look holistically at the whole child and how they have grown as individuals and are prepared for the next stage of their learning journey.