Nanpean’s Approach

Nanpean School subscribes to the Inspire Curriculum. We will be integrating our existing programmes into the Inspire Curriculum in the following areas:
  • We will continue to use Read, Write Inc for phonics.
  • Guiding reading will continue.
  • We will use the Hamilton Trust and Abacus to deliver maths.
  • Go Active will lead some of our P.E lessons and support our school staff in leading other P.E lessons.
  • We will use SACRE for R.E and SEAL/ RSE and drugs and alcohol schemes for PSHE
For further information on our rolling programs for delivering the New Curriculum, please click on the links below.
If you have any further questions regarding our school's curriculum, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child's class teacher!

New for 2015/16!!
In 2015, we introduced two new literacy schemes to encourage more reluctant children to read and to ensure that all children are understanding what they have read: Reading Karate and Accelerated Reader

Reading Karate

This is a fantastic new incentive this year that we , as a school, are very excited about!

Just like the Japanese Martial Art, Reading Karate is about practicing a skill and working your way up through a series of bands/belts. We hope that it will encourage our children to read at home to achieve all of the different coloured wristbands. It's great fun, boosts the children's self-image as a reader and develops their reading skills and strategies.

Parents and children need to record their reading at home in their reading record. Children must have their reading records in school on a Monday so that teachers can check their reading totals for the Friday assembly.

¨ Children should be reading a minimum of 4 pages to count as one read.

¨ Only 1 read will be counted per day.

¨ Parents must sign each read in the reading record for it to count towards the Reading Karate.

¨ Up to seven reads a week will count. The school does recommend that children in KS1/Reception read at least 3 times a week and KS2 at least 5 times a week.

The table below shows how many reads are needed to achieve each band. The children will be awarded with their reading wrist bands in the Friday morning 'Celebration' assembly.
 Number of Reads  Coloured Wristband
 20  White
 20 (40 total)  Yellow
 20 (60 total)  Orange
 20 (80 total)  Blue
 30 (110 total)  Purple
 30 (140 total)  Brown
 40 (180 total)  Black
Please note the times above are the 'earliest' times that bands can be achieved based on children reading everyday of the week from the start of term.

The children will work their way up through the belts swapping the bands each time for the next colour. This will continue until your child achieves their black wristband and becomes a Reading Karate Master!

Once your child has achieved their black wristband, they will begin the process again but they will keep their black wristband. There is no cost for this new reading incentive scheme but we will ask for 50p should bands get lost.