Cluster Bake Off at Brannel School

22nd March 2016
It was a tense afternoon in the home economics department at Brannel School on Tuesday afternoon during the Cluster Bake Off. Four schools competed and each contestant had just three hours to bake and decorate a cake on the theme of 'A Day Out'. Lauren Dash took it all in her stride as she created a masterpiece with a little reassurance along the way from Mrs Tabb and the support of our Rights Respecting Schools group. Lauren was delighted when she was announced as the winner and presented with her engraved Wooden Spoon Trophy for her spectacular and delicious 'A Day at the Zoo' cake.
Some thoughts from our RRSA group who were spectacular spectators on the day!!

"On Tuesday the RRSA group (aka Isaac, Kaito, Polina, Emma, Oscar and myself) went to Brannel School to watch the school's Bake Off. At first we all went into the Bell Theatre and watched it on a big screen! It wasn't at all very clear. Then we went into the Creative Wing kitchens. In there we saw the cooking for real. We saw Lauren bake a cake based on a day out at the zoo. There were 3 other competitors there. Lauren's cake had an elephant, a monkey, a lion and a horse on it. The cake had loads of icing on it. To conclude, for the last few moments we found out who the winner was (and we tried some of the cakes) and it was...... Lauren!" - Freya-Rose, year 6.

"I had a really good afternoon at the Bake off. We were in the theatre first, then we were allowed to watch in the kitchen. Everyone did really well, especially Lauren, who won 1st prize!" - Emma, year 4.

"We went to Brannel School to see 'The Big Bake Off'. We went into a big theatre and watched Lauren and Mrs Tabb baking a big cake. I went in the kitchen and took some photos. Then the judges looked and tasted the cakes and they decided Lauren's cake is the winner. We tasted everyone's cakes too." - Kaito, year 2.

"Today was the best day ever! Me and the Rights Respecting team went to Brannel School. We went to Brannel because we were chosen to watch the bake off. Eeeeek! We tasted all of the cakes and Lauren won! We first went in the theatre but we got to visit the kitchen and Isaac was pulling funny faces at the camera! So we really went into the kitchen. We had some biscuits too. Wooo! Best. Day. Ever." - Polina, year 3.