January 2018

28th January 2018

Melbur Class Trip to Plymouth Synagogue

Melbur’s class trip to the Synagogue on Monday 29th January was a great success. Corey Griffiths has written a fantastic account of the day:

‘The bus journey to the Synagogue in Plymouth took about an hour, the view from the bus window was wonderful. When we arrived we saw how tall the buildings were. A man called Jeremy took us through the entrance on the West side, it looked like a church and it also looked like rich people built it. We sat on a nice long wooden bench which had cushions on it. The boys were   given ‘Scull Caps’ which were light blue and very posh and old. Then Jeremy told us about the Jewish diary dates which were very different to ours in many ways. Kadie washed Kaito’s hands in special water to do a special blessing. Jeremy then opened a cupboard which had 4 pieces of silver inside along with a very large torch. I felt really happy and excited about going to the Synagogue, I liked all the different things we learnt about but all of it was awesome.'