IDFS Status

Inclusion Dyslexia Friendly Schools Status

We are currently working towards our Inclusion and Dyslexia Friendly School (IDFS) Accreditation.  This award is issued only to those organisations that have met the rigorous quality standards and demonstrates public recognition that the school provides high quality education and practice for dyslexic individuals.

The Cornwall IDFS Quality Mark aims to provide a framework of support and understanding for schools which enable all pupils and staff to build on existing skills and develop new knowledge and expertise.

Our Dyslexia Champions, Ms Grindrod and Mrs Williams, together with our SENDCo Miss Morrison, are working hard to ensure our school practice follows the criteria that the IDFS Quality Mark requires, this includes;

  • IDFS practice is a priority on our School Improvement Plan;
  • Staff are proactive in implementing and promoting IDFS practice;
  • Staff have undergone IDFS training;
  • Parents and Governors are involved in the development of IDFS and have the opportunity to participate in Parent Drop In Sessions;
  • Whole school assessment systems are used to identify and monitor pupils with dyslexia;
  • Identified pupils are individually assessed and the outcomes are used to inform provision;
  • Individual or small group provision is available where appropriate;
  • Staff use appropriate multi-sensory teaching styles and pupils learn in a multi-sensory way and are given the choice of recording methods;
  • Pupils with dyslexia are supported pastorally as well as academically.