Welcome to Eden Class


Eden's topic this half term is: ‘Super me, super you'

In this topic we will be learning about superheroes and our own super powers as part of this term’s topic called ‘Super me, super you’. We will be exploring our own personalities, understanding our emotions and developing the social skills we all need to succeed. Our first shared story of the term will be ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra. This story is based around the adventures of Supertato and his mission to save the vegetables from the evil pea.

We will begin the topic by taking making our own supertato using a variety of craft resources and real potatoes.  We will taking on the role of superheroes in our roleplay area. 


Eden is our Reception Class and the focus throughout Reception year for all children is on developing the skills needed to ensure a happy and successful time at Nanpean School.

The Eden team consists of Mrs Hayes (class teacher), Miss Dash, and Miss Rosevear.



Ask Mrs Hayes

If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please come in and see Mrs Hayes so that they can be resolved. Alternatively, you can email secretary@nanpean.cornwall.sch.uk and Mrs Hayes will do her best to assist you. Please feel free to use this to give feedback on your child's experience in Eden Class as all feedback is appreciated and goes toward the positive development of Nanpean School.