British Values

John Nash, the schools minister, said in a statement: “We want every school to promote the basic British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs". At Nanpean School, democracy is a very important part of our school life. We have our own School Council with representatives from each year group who all have specific roles within the Council: Chairperson, Clerk, Treasurer etc. To be elected to our Council, pupils had to make an election speech stating why they were the best candidate for the role and was elected by their peers. The School Council represents the voice of our pupils and uses this opportunity to campaign for what our pupils want (most recently, they were involved in the decision to have a 'Buddy Bench' for children to use if they feel lonely or in need of a friend.) The School Council also gets the opportunity to take part in the annual visit to St. Stephen in Brannel Parish Council to learn more about the history of the Parish Council and the important work that it does on behalf of our community. They also got the opportunity to learn more about how a Council meeting is run and compare their roles in the School Council to the Councillors on the Parish Council. Please click here for some information and photos from 2016's visit. Our School Council are hoping to be able to work towards the Promoting Active Democracy Loudly (PADL) Award in the future and we hope to be able to report more about this soon!

Our current School Councillors are:
 Noah Bowen Eden
 Mia Morse Eden
 Aden Lewis Hendra 
 Eden Marsh Hendra 
 Ollie Mellow Prosper 
 Skye Cotton Prosper 
 Charlie Lee Karslake 
 Ellie Davies Karslake 
 Emily-Jayne Norton Melbur 
 Mackenzie Dash Melbur 
 Polly-Louise Hatton Drinnick 
 Caleb Bottery
 Ashleigh Bates Rosemellyn
 Ryley Hoole Rosemellyn
As a school, the children get a say in some key aspects of the school's development as we open changes to our school to voting. Most recently, the children got to vote on our new class names: Prosper, Rosemellyn and Karslake, and they got the deciding vote on our brand new school motto: Nurturing Children's Passion to Succeed. Pupil Visioning events; where the children get to tell us what subjects they like most and least, how they learn best and what they aspire to be as they grow up, and Aspiration Passports; where parents/ carers and pupils across the Cluster Schools detail their children's strength's, personality traits and their hopes for the future, are all used to guide the school in providing the best learning opportunities for our pupils.

Every other year, our year 5 and 6 children have the opportunity of visiting London and an integral part of this visit is a tour around the Houses of Parliament and a visit with our MP if he is in London at the time. This gives our pupils the opportunity to learn about the role the Government plays in our daily life, the importance of democracy and voting, and law-making. November 2016's visit will include an interactive workshop where the children will have the chance to make their own law!!

The rule of law and mutual respect if promoted within the school through the school's behaviour agreement and fundamental Rtime (golden) rules: to show good manners at all times, the care for everyone and everything, and to follow instructions with thought and care. Our school's aims and objectives, which can be found in more detail by clicking here, link with our Trust's values and advocates valuing diversity, being inclusive and respecting differences. We expect all our pupils and staff to be excellent examples of, and leaders in, demonstrating these values.

British Values are promoted during our Monday collective worship assemblies, where a global news issue is shared and discussed weekly. This can include differences in cultures, faiths and beliefs and children are encouraged to consider issues from the perspective of others. We also have a rolling programme focused on Protective Behaviours, where pupils explore and understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours in relation to their right to feel safe all of the time. This programme also encourages pupils to take responsibility for their own feelings and respect those of others. More information on our Protective Behaviours programme can be found below: Protective Behaviours. British Values are also promoted through our PSHE and RE programmes.
The school has a very active Rights Respecting Schools group who has already gained their Recognition of Commitment from the Rights Respecting Schools Award, initiated by UNICEF UK. They are now working towards their level 1 award. The RRS group takes the lead on promoting the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, solidarity and respect throughout the school. THey are proactive in their fundraising efforts for UNICEF UK, with our most recent event: Day for Change, taking place on Friday 13th May 2016. This initiative has an impact of our pupil's spiritual, moral and cultural development, as well as on their academic learning. For more information on the fantastic work that our RRS group has been doing, and their future plans, please click here: RRSA overview.

Our Rights Respecting Schools Group is:
​ Year 1 RRS  member  Year 2 RRS member​ ​ Year 3 RRS  member  Year 4 RRS  member​  Year 5 RRS  member​  Year 6 RRS  member​
 ​  ​Isaac Margetts  ​Kaito Moore  ​Polina Koleda  ​Emma Whiting  ​Oscar Singleton